Rebooted My Dead Lenovo A5000

Source: Photo was taken using my Huawei Y5 phone.

Owing to being a techie person, I was frustrated when my Lenovo A5000 got bricked when I was just going to do a soft reset on it so that I can use it again since it has a higher battery capacity, non-removable Li-Po 4000 mAh battery, compared to my other phone, the Huawei Y5 which is another disappointing mobile phone that drains easily because of the non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery. Also, troubleshooting phones with non-removable batteries are real annoyances.

The error I encountered when I did a factory reset using the very basic method of pressing the Backup and reset settings in which the module Factory data reset is also located but this basic step, unfortunately, did not do well on the dawn of 3 May 2018.

I thoroughly then searched various ways on how to resolve this issue of “Lenovo No Command” which was triggered unexpectedly without me doing anything unusual except trying to reset the phone. This is an issue wherein an image of a resting Android with an exclamation point in a triangle is flashing and three Chinese characters are also shown below this resting Android.

Googling after resting from a night shift income opportunity led me to several sites involving the method of hard factory reset which is by using the method of pressing power off key and volume up or volume down keys simultaneously. Such methods, although very useful, did not become the final resolution to my problem. Luckily, I found a method of rebooting or flashing my Lenovo A5000 using a USB serial cable method. You can check my links below this post regarding flashing Lenovo A5000 stock ROM and the first link on my sources which I found to be very useful became my primary source for my erratic Lenovo A5000 troubleshooting steps.

In doing my troubleshooting, I first downloaded all the necessary files including SP Flash tool v5.15, MT65xx Preloader USB driver, Lenovo A5000 stock ROM firmware. I copied all these files inside a folder which I created on the desktop for easy retrieval during my troubleshooting. I extracted the Lenovo A5000 firmware in a separate folder and then installed the MT65xx Preloader USB driver. After this step, I ran the flash_tool.exe and browsed the MT6582_Android_scatter.txt which was located in the Target bin folder in the Lenovo A5000 firmware folder. 

I connected my phone after pressing the “Download button with the firmware upgrade in the drop-down menu just below the Scatter-loading File. While pressing the volume buttons of my phone, I only need to wait for the progress bars to show a yellow status and when it did already, I released my finger on the volume down button. A few minutes after, an icon with a green check appeared indicating a finished status.


Source: Photo was taken using my Huawei Y5 phone.


I also encountered a BROM Error indicating that my inoperative Lenovo A5000 was not recognized completely so I just waited until the installation was done. I unplugged my Lenovo A5000 and I repeated the procedure again and this time, selected the Format All + Download in the drop-down menu below the Scatter-loading File then connected my Lenovo A5000 again to my laptop and clicking the Download button again. Making sure that I connected it to the same USB port which I used in the first step, I waited for a few more minutes.

Source: Photo was taken using my Huawei Y5 phone.

After this last step and seeing the checked icon on a green background, I restarted my phone which was unsuccessful at first because I discovered that it was drained already. I simply resolved this by recharging it and then waiting furthermore until it was recharged and restarted my resurrected Lenovo A5000.

Also, I revived my Lenovo A5000 knowingly, with a bloated battery already.


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