What is the Victory Liner Premiere Card? – Part 1


So what’s the fuzz with the new Premiere Card of Victory Liner bus line company that caters mostly to the Northern part of Luzon in the Philippines? The answer to my question is that it is a Reloadable Prepaid Visa Card that will enable the cardholder to queue on a special VIP lane just like the Senior Citizen’s lane and PWD lane on most Victory Liner terminals when buying bus tickets.

I just bought my own Premiere Card for three hundred pesos today, 25 March 2018, when my wife was just queueing on the special lane since she was carrying our one-year-old son minimizing the queueing time since there was a long queue for regular passengers. While I was waiting for her to finish, I got curious about this Premiere Card of Victory Liner that they recently introduced.

Since it’s only 300 pesos, I bought one after consulting with my wife if it’s necessary and in the end bought it. A cardholder can buy as many as 10 tickets online and all that is needed is use the card and present it at the special VIP lane. It can be reloaded at all Victory Liner bus stations and at some partner establishments including SM Business Centers, National Bookstore, Robinson’s Store, EC-Pay partner stores, and other establishments which can be asked at the seller of the card. It also has a preloaded fifty pesos amount which the cardholder can already use.

When I browsed the Victory Liner website regarding additional information of the Premiere Card, there were no other details except benefits. The list of partner stores where a cardholder can load was not posted on their website as of today, 25 March 2018. They may need to update the details of their website regarding this matter. I was also not given any other information leaflet except for the card wherein the Premiere Card was attached. The seller was the one who did the activation and all I did was wrote a few personal information where he inputted on his notebook for registration online. The seller also did give an official receipt for the card and he also showed the successful activation details of the card.

Some of the benefits of having a Victory Liner Premiere Card includes reserving bus tickets via their phone hotline, enjoying a special VIP lane instead of the regular ticket lane, buying and reserving of tickets online, sending and receiving money since it can be used as a regular Visa debit card since it is powered by the Metrobank Card group and as long as the cardholder has loaded it with enough money plus it can also be used as a discount card on several partner establishments of the bus company. The list of these establishments can be seen on their website at Victory Liner Premiere Card.

This is only part one of this blog post regarding this Premiere Card which I have not used. I will post another entry after I used this next month.

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