Ingress Sojourner Disrupted Again

ingress sojourner hacking explanation

My goal for achieving 360 days of the continuous hacking streak was disrupted again. I just saw it this afternoon when my Current Hacking Streak was back to 2 days and when I tried restarting the game tonight, it was 3 days. It was really a bad trip moment since the Current Hacking Streak of my wife was 140 days, to think that it was a continuous hacking both at the same time. I do not know what happened or maybe the time of the Ingress game was really dysfunctional or it was the Internet issues with the Globe Postpaid. It was back to 3 days. It was really a sorrowful Ingress moment since I have to hack again until I reached 360 days to have an Onyx Sojourner Ingress badge.


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