My Paw Partners


Photo taken using my Firefly Aurii Magnum


I miss running with my two dogs, Ikkyo and Recca who are both Siberian Huskies.

I miss going out with them and I feel that they miss the running so much most especially Ikkyo who was my running buddy since 2013. Recca was just new into running since 2016.

Next month, I will make it a point to run with them. They had a short distance run last December 2017 but it was not enough for them to be satisfied. Next month, onwards, I will be running at least once or twice in a month with them along with my wife and son so that it will be a family bonding already.


  1. Hi! There is an upcoming local event that you might be interested in joining together with your huskies. I just don’t know how to contact you privately about it (sorry…not too familiar with wordpress)

    1. I see that you screen the comments ☺️ I was afraid of posting a link as it might be disrespectful to your article. I wanted to privately message you but I have no idea how to. Kindly please just delete my comments after reading. ☺️ The event I was telling you about is a Fun Run/Fundraiser of the Cordillera Animal Protection Advocates. Runners are encouraged to bring their dogs but runners without dogs are most welcome too. The events with dogs are for 3k and 5k only while 10k is for humans only. 😀. Here’s the link to the event

      1. The group does animal rescues and holds outreach programs and educational tours in barangays. It would be great if you could join and spread the word. 😊

    2. I already created the post for Sunday. Thanks! You can also use the Contact Form. Sorry, I was not able to update the settings here. 😀 It’s a very good advocacy and Thanks for this information too. Thanks again!

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