My Run Using My New Shoes


Photo was taken using my Lenovo A5000


This is actually my nth run using my new green shoes. It is a Merrell minimalist style of shoes. I tried using it for walking first when we went to Los Baños, Laguna last 22 September 2017 for my graduation at UPOU. It was tolerable for walking and I was able to adjust to its specifications.

When I tried using it for the first time for running which I first did last 26 September 2017,  the feeling was different. Being used to running shoes with thick midsoles on it, using the Merrell Trail Glove 2 is totally contrastive. It is like running barefoot with slight or lesser impact because of the inner soles. I can really feel the impact and my calf muscles are really vibrating while running.

The inner sole is made of EVA or Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate which is an environmental-friendly elastic copolymer with rubber-like similarities and does not use chlorine in its production process plus it is a recyclable material for playgrounds or industrial mats. For being a cruelty-free and synthetic shoe material, it is usually a favorite material in vegan shoes or vegetarian shoes.


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