This is just one of the bitcoin faucets I have joined in.


This is it. It is the era of bitcoins and it’s already the end of 2017. You and I must have bitcoins, too.

I was caught in the Bitcoin storm surge last week when I saw a video online from a Filipino who is into Bitcoin also.

I signed up last week at coins dot ph which is the preliminary stage for owning bitcoins in the Philippines since you need to have a bitcoin wallet in order to have your own bitcoins. I bought a few bitcoins using my coins dot ph account and I will be updating for my first payout to see the legitimacy of these paying bitcoin miners and faucets.

These are the bitcoin faucets that I have signed up with:

These are the bitcoin miners that I have joined:

You only need to click the claim button, do the recaptcha image which is used by the system to verify you as a human user since there are bots that are used by some users, and finally, click the submit button or claim now button for you to earn a few satoshi which is the smallest unit of bitcoins.

Remember, you need to have bitcoin wallet in order to buy and sell bitcoins. You can register for one here at coins dot ph which is very useful for Filipinos.

There are many other wallets available out there, you only need to search for it. Search, read, research, research, research before you sign up and join.

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