Ingress Achievements 2017 – Silver Engineer

ingress silver engineer badge 08302017
Source: Screenshot using my Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

This is another late update about my Ingress gameplay. I received the Silver Engineer badge in Ingress last 30 August 2017, the day I turned thirty-eight.

I was not able to monitor my gameplay during the time I got this badge since I was not able to capture or make a screenshot of the pop-up every time a new badge level was achieved while playing Ingress.

Silver Engineer badge is attained as soon as the Ingress player was able to deploy 1,500 mods while upgrading hacked or captured portals. This is not an easy feat to achieve since the Ingress gamer can only deploy a maximum of two mods per portal gained. If there are no more slots, the Ingress player needs to find another portal with vacant mod slots.

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