Ingress Achievements 2017 – Platinum Guardian

Source: Screenshot using Lenovo A5000

This is my late update about my Ingress gameplay. This is my second platinum badge in Ingress which is really tough to achieve since a player must capture a portal by deploying a resonator of preferred strength and then maintain its stronghold for a number of days. In this case, ninety days for the fourth level which is the Platinum badge.

It was good enough that I was able to maintain it for ninety days since it is really hard to find a portal that will withstand constant farming by being hacked every now and then. An Ingress player must find a good portal strategically located which will be seldom or most probably, not visited by any common player.

I was fortunate to find portals inside the resting grounds of mortals and was able to maintain it every day by constantly recharging which also adds to the total number of Action Points or AP. Now, since the day I got my Platinum Guardian badge, I only need to maintain its stronghold for sixty more days or two months to receive my first ever Onyx badge in Ingress. I already have thirty days left as of this writing and hopefully, a rival player will not detect it as my GP or Guardian Portal.


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