Last Development Subject For Growth

Classes have officially started since last week, and I am starting to read sources and watch online materials on my last subject. This subject will be the final key in order for me to have a Diploma in Computer Science that will support all my IT-related experiences.

Screenshot of the details of my last subject in UPOU

My ultimate goal in studying at the University of the Philippines Open University is to have a Computer Science degree in order to be fully qualified in a technical job or an information technology related job. The other reason is the privilege of graduating in one of the prestigious universities in the country, wherein the UP educational system is tantamount to excellence. I have already applied for graduation, and I will just be waiting for the result.

I enrolled in my final subject that is Web Programming and Development, which is a highly valued course nowadays. Those with knowledge in web development can earn much especially since there are prevalent needs for new websites in order to be globally competent. This is also a way to be internationally competitive with other developers who are earning high enough as freelancers.

I am really hoping to learn much on a subject that deals with HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, CMS, and other Open source frameworks. I really need to learn some tools that I can use in my proposals at certain freelancing sites. I also want to use the knowledge I will be gaining from this subject and apply it to developing a website for our own company, a printing services company. Aside from this, I am hoping to establish a web development company in order to have my own taste of success in the business world on the field of information technology. These are the reasons that I have decided to take this subject on my last term. I saved the best for the last!

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