Baguio City Lost its Christmas Tree from a Mammoth Fire

The four-storey Christmas structure that took its stand for the first time in Rose Garden after having stood on the grounds of Session Road particularly at the Lower Session Road area have been burned by two men, according to local news. Eyewitnesses have been saying that two men were seen running away minutes when the Christmas tree was already burning last Tuesday, January 10, 2017.

Aftermath of the Christmas tree fire. Date photo taken: January 12, 2017

The framework of the tree is 12 meters, is made out of recycled materials salvaged from demolished buildings of the City Buildings and Architectural Office (CBAO), and was designed pro bono by Architect Aristotle Go of 90’s Design Studio. The construction and materials had an estimated cost of 500,000 pesos. The tree taller than its original planned height making it more visible to people visiting the Burnham area have been destroyed supposedly by pranksters according to investigators since CBAO personnel have already removed electrical wiring from the tree prior to the incident.

It was a giant Norfolk pine tree that stood out at the foot of Session Road years ago symbolising the development of the city before it was adopted by Philippine Mine Safety and Environment Association (PMSEA) in 2012 and ending its legacy as a Christmas symbol. Afterwards, relocating the tree to Upper Session Road area at the rotunda near the post office until the year 2015 before finally deciding to have the installation at the Rose Garden in Burnham Park last year, 2016 so that people will be able to visit and appreciate the main park in Baguio City.

The Christmas tree constructed out of recycled materials in support of the city’s cleanliness and waste management programs is a huge symbol not just of the Christmas season but also the development of Baguio City. It is a good thing that the designer in coordination with the local government has decided to use recycled materials not just to reduce the costs but also to alleviate environmental awareness.


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