Surprisingly Unlock the Gold Guardian Portal Badge

The Guardian Portal badge or the GP badge is a very hard badge to achieve in Ingress game, especially for the Gold, Platinum and Onyx GP badges. These badges are achieved by controlling a Portal in a certain number of consecutive days. Sounds easy? Nope, especially if you live in a small city, wherein most Resistance players are actively destroying your portals and breaking your consecutive days of holding that certain portal.

Screenshot of my Gold Guardian Portal Badge and due to screenshot error, it is the Gold Fist badge on the first row of Ingress badges.

The Bronze GP badge can be achieved by controlling a Portal for three consecutive days. The second badge, Silver GP badge is achieved by controlling your target Portal for 10 consecutive days. Unlocking Gold GP badge after 20 consecutive days, Platinum GP badge after 90 consecutive days or roughly 3 months, and Onyx GP badge after 150 consecutive days or approximately 5 months are the next Guardian Portal badge stages that a player needs to achieve. The last three badges are hard to achieve unless the Resistance players are on vacation, they are not in the mood of attacking your portal, or they know you. Added to these factors are the visiting players from other places and areas who also have a goal of hacking and capturing unique portals. In the City of Baguio, which is a tourist destination all year round, rare are the chances now to achieve a Gold, Platinum and Onyx GP badges. Those veteran players who were already playing Ingress since it was introduced in its beta stage in 2012 already achieved these three badges. It is hard to maintain longer consecutive days for your portal, especially within the city limits. Active Resistance players easily attack even the portals near our home. It was only by chance when I was able to achieve this elusive Gold Guardian Portal badge. Maybe it was because of the holiday season, and most players are on vacation or better yet, it was a Christmas gift since I know a certain Resistance player who attacks my Guardian portals when it was already nearing its due date or the targeted number of days. On the other hand, is it just pure luck or pure coincidence? Well, at least, I already unlocked this elusive Gold Guardian Portal badge on Christmas eve, and my next goal is how to have a guardian portal for three months.

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