Night out with ENL and IGN change request approved

After sending a follow-up email to Niantic regarding the status of my IGN change request, they finally approved my IGN change request since creating it last September 24, 2016.

It was around six in the evening of yesterday, December 14, 2016, when the change took effect. I turned on Ingress game app on my phone and there it was, just like in the beginning when I first joined and played this virtual reality game. I have chosen unwisely before making use of my personal name as my IGN or In Game Name since I was just thinking on that first night that if Ingress were another boring game with not thrills and frills, I would just have to delete the app on my phone. Yet, Ingress happened to be a very interesting game with a storyline, and as a runner who loves to travel, this app is a good companion tool to monitor visited places, and the idea of having achieved badges in the game is similar to finishing a goal. The AP and the Badges are reflections of finished goals.


As for tonight, a veteran player invited my family to join a dinner courtesy of another veteran player. It was a post-birthday treat of this veteran player and a despedida or farewell party of another veteran player who will be transferring to another area related to their work. It was a dinner buffet, and although I did not eat much, the food and ambience were great. I enjoyed the company of several ENL players. ENL players belong to the Enlightened faction while RES players belong to the Resistance faction. My wife and I finally were able to spend some time with some of the Enlightened players in Baguio and La Trinidad, Benguet. At least, the doubts when I first played Ingress are all misconceptions just like me being a fake player or a double agent.

Players are agents in Ingress hence spoofing, or double accounts are strictly prohibited.


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