I Made An Ingress Once In A Lifetime Perfect 3 AP

I still have one remaining personal running goal to do before the year ends and I am hoping to do it before the start of December Solstice, which is Autumn-Winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

I am still planning and hoping to do the fourth and last personal running goal and simultaneously finish at Level 10 before the year ends so that it will be a remarkable run.

Screenshot of my Perfect AP Score of 3,333,333 at Level 9

The perfect “3” AP is actually 3,333,333 Action Points and this is a once in a lifetime score since playing Ingress is also levelling up the status of the player. I am at Level 9 already and spicing up my Ingress playing which I incorporated with my running; I did an AP perfect scoring goal wherein finishing uncommon Action Points or Perfect Scores such as 3,333,333 is the ultimate finale.  After achieving perfect Action Points, I will then savour the moment for a day or two, make a screenshot, and then plan for the next perfect AP number. This is just a way of adding fun and making Ingress more interesting to play.

Since playing Ingress last September 2016, I opted not to turn on my Pokemon Go app starting, October 12, 2016, since it hogs my battery too much and since I have three apps relying on the GPS, namely, Cardio Trainer, Pokemon Go, and Ingress. Now, I already minimised the data consumed, by not playing Pokemon Go and not using Cardio Trainer during my runs since the Ingress game also monitors distance and by achieving a certain distance in kilometres, a player can achieve a badge, which is the Trekker badge.  Although, this Trekker badge is actually for the distance walked and covered by playing Ingress, it is still a very convenient tool to monitor a personal or group running activity.

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