VPN Unlimited Affordable From Being Discounted Today Only

It was a newsletter from SourceForge regarding an operating system called ReactOS, prompting me to visit their website and I saw this Christmas deal regarding an unlimited lifetime promo of a VPN. The original price of the VPN product is $499.99 becoming $29 for today only. That is a whopping 94% discount, which is a huge saving especially if it is an infinite subscription or a lifetime subscription with no more worries for an annual renewal of services. Based on what I have read regarding the review of VPN Unlimited, the Infinity Plan is actually a 100-year subscription plan, still affordable for this inexpensive promo.

My screenshot of the one-day promo of SourceForge deal dated December 8, 2016.

I always wanted to try using a VPN for security reasons and to keep myself updated with the current trends in information technology. Now, I will be able to test it for five devices, which was included in the details of the deal. It is compatible with the Android phones at home and with our Windows laptop. I also want to test the real deal with VPN or Virtual Private Networks. Included in this personal test will be its outcome while running and playing Ingress game simultaneously.

VPN Unlimited is a product of KeepSolid Inc. which is, according to the details in the SourceForge deals, the product received a “VPN Service Providers Best VPN Service Award for 2015″, rated “PC Mag Top VPN for 2016”, and also named as “Best VPN Service of September 2016 by TechRadar”.  It also has wide choices of VPN global servers strategically located, which a Filipino user can use. The optimal server, which is the highly recommended server, is the one located in Hong Kong. This server will be giving out the best performance and an access to geo-restricted content. Geo-restriction or geo-blocking is a form of Internet practice of restricting access to discrete data and contents based on the geographical location of the user.

VPN is mainly for achieving a secured and encrypted connection especially for mobile users who are already taking advantage of the power of mobility by using mobile apps in their daily lives. Now, by using this technology, I am more confident in using online banking transactions via my mobile phone.



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