Beating High Blood Pressure as the Ingress Silver Luminary Badge Arrived

I finally got the silver luminary badge of the Ingress fourth year anniversary. I was able to take advantage of the double hack output and the double action points (AP) from November 16 until the end of November 2016. So many runs have been made and miles of walking around yet there are still many places I have not been to in Baguio. I still have two more personal running goals to do before the year ends and hopefully, I will be able to finish it before the Christmas day.


I have to continue running to help lower my blood pressure since my blood pressure tonight is 148/112, while last Sunday, it was 182/114. It was 140/90 when I was about to donate blood during an Ingress Enlightened Linked Lives bloodletting program last November 26, 2016, which ended up for me not able to accomplish that personal mission. It was supposed to be my third blood donation.

From my readings, factors that might have caused high blood is my frequent late night sleep. Plus the stress from the two subjects I have for this semester and the working environment from my previous job triggered the velocity of my blood causing it to have a high blood pressure.

Stress is really a major factor for high blood pressure and I am still thankful that I can run and walk most of the time that lessens some of the effects of high blood pressure such as sudden pain in my nape, irritability, abnormal head pains that I cannot fully describe, and heartburns lasting for almost three seconds.

Running to lower my high blood pressure is my ultimate personal goal aside from achieving Ingress badges and levelling up in this game.

Next year, hopefully, I will still be able to join more trail runs and also include biking in my fitness activities.

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