This is what happens when you combine running in the world of Ingress

For the first time, I achieved number 3 on the regional score in Ingress.

Around 11:45PM, at checkpoint 00:14:39:12, I was just curious to see the Intel scores in our area and voila, I saw my IGN (In Game Name) on the third place. This was really an achievement for me especially since I incorporated my Ingress gaming with my personal running activity.

It was just two months ago since I started playing Ingress. If I had known this game before, I would have been level 14 or level 15 already. Now, I was able to achieve a level 9 status just by running again. I also recruited my wife and my brother who both enjoyed the game.

Personal screenshot at 3:31PM, November 20, 2016, after reaching Level 9

Ingress is an augmented reality GPS-dependent game created by Niantic who also created Pokémon Go mobile game. It was out of curiosity in seeing another creation of Pokémon’s creators at the night of September 25th that made me hooked with the Ingress game. Personally, I find Ingress game to be more exciting and interesting than the Pokémon game. It has a storyline and the so-called portals that you visit, hack and capture which adds to the Action Points plus the badges that symbolizes your achievements in the game makes it more exciting than the other game of Niantic.

To achieve strong action points in Ingress, you will need to be active, and by being active means literally playing actively using your feet in going to different places to hack portals and then using your hands for the mobile application.

Now, while doing my running, I glyph hack portals for additional points and then deploy resonators if I passed by neutral portals. I also destroy enemy resonators every now and then if I have enough weapons to use. If I have portal keys, I also create fields to achieve higher points.

Doing Ingress while running makes an engaging running. In addition, I get to visit new running places because of the unique portals I have to hack.

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