Kennon Road not passable from September 27 to October 3, 2016

Kennon Road will be closed from September 27 to October 3, 2016, for on-going work in the Camp 5 bridge particularly at KO 235+504 based on the DPWH-CAR contractor, with closing hours from 7AM to 7PM. The only alternative route going to Baguio if you are coming from the south area is to pass thru Aspiras-Palispis Highway which is more popularly known as Marcos Highway.

Source: Sun Star Baguio

Both roads encompassed a zigzag route with a wonderful scenic environment that you can see as you pass through. Kennon Road is the shortest route but a little dangerous due to incidental falling rocks and thick fog which is why Aspiras-Palispis Highway (also known as Agoo-Baguio Road and formerly known as Marcos Highway) is much safer to pass through. Also, there are some portions of the highway particularly along Barangay Camp 3 in Tuba that are prone to land-sinking,

Kennon Road has a total accumulated distance of 41.2 kilometers  or 25.6 miles starting at its North end which is at the Aspiras–Palispis Highway and Governor Pack Road in Baguio and ending at its South end which is at the MacArthur Highway in Rosario, depending on where you are coming from.

Kennon Road which is also known as the Rosario-Baguio Road is formerly the Benguet Road. The following are the Baguio junction points that you will pass through along Kennon Road:

  • Governor Pack Road
  • Ben Palispis Highway
  • Baguio General Hospital Elliptical Road
  • Military Cut Off Road
  • Camp 8 Road
  • Balsigan Road
  • Puliwes Road
  • Milo Subdivision Road
  • Agpaoa Street
  • Camp 7 West Road
  • Amparo Heights Road
  • Loakan Road



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