Pokemon Go on a Night Run

I tried to run a while ago here in our area to feel the night and de-stress myself from my upcoming first quiz in Data Communications and Networking. Aside from these reasons, the third reason was to catch, hopefully, Pokemons and also try to experience if it will be a good Pokemon night while running at the same time to gain experience points and level up in Pokemon Go.

Two observations and two tips for my night run tonight, September 22, 2016.

  1. It was still lagging. – Although I am connected via a wifi hotspot of my other cellphone which is a Nokia Windows phone and has a Sun mobile network, it still lags. After almost 10 minutes of running, my character did not move and was stuck in the same spot even though my running was slow due to the ascending pace for an ascending road. The connection should be stable already especially in an open space.
  2. It works best in the morning. – The internet connection was still stable, but when I passed on a dark area of the road, it was not connecting since I restarted the app to refresh it but still it was not connecting. It was the really total darkness that you can only feel the leaves of the trees moving, and a white noise was the sound that you can hear while running.

    Pokestop. A glimpse of a too far away poke stop.
  3. It is safe to run near your area at night. – If you are doing a night run while hoping to catch Pokemons, make sure you are running near your area, and you know the place you are running at.
  4. Your main concern is your health, not your Pokemon wealth. The Pokemon catching is just a sideway trip on your night run trip.

    Poke Balls. got these even though pokestop is too far away.

Conclusion, maybe it really depends on the stability of your mobile phone’s network connection, be it in a closed area, open space, morning hours or night time. By the way, I was able to catch a Pidgey in this night run, but I transferred it already for a Pidgey candy.

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